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The Wenatchee Valley is home to a wide variety of trails and extremely diverse terrain. From the dense forests of Leavenworth to the deep canyons of Peshastin and desert foothills of Wenatchee there are a tremendous amount of trails to choose from.

Why rent from Eastside Cycleworks? Well, our shop is a short 1.5-mile pedal to the crown jewel of the Wenatchee Valley: Leavenworth Ski Hill

Leavenworth Ski Hill

Just a short pedal from the shop, Leavenworth Ski Hill has a variety of extremely fun, machine-built trails. Novice riders will enjoy the swoopy and smooth experience of “4 The Boys” or the ultra-fast berms on “Freund Canyon”. Intermediate and advanced riders will enjoy the ridgeline descent of “Rosie Boa” featuring beautiful berms, a dose of exposure, and ear-to-ear smiles. Advanced riders will love the famous jump line dubbed “Ribbed” featuring a number of tabletop jumps, g-outs, and plenty of opportunities for air time.

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Waterfront Bike Path

Riders looking for a more relaxed experience can meander along the Upper Wenatchee River on the Waterfront Bike Path. This flat trail parallels the river and crosses onto Blackbird Island. Spend some time hanging on the beach or visiting one of the parks along the way. On your way back, cruise down Front Street and stop at Icicle Brewing Company for a beer or Blewett Brewing for a pizza. This bike path connects to the world-class Leavenworth Pumptrack.

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Leavenworth Pump Track

Located along the Waterfront Bike Path near Enchantment Park, the Leavenworth Pumptrack is truly world-class. Designed by a famous organization called Velosolutions, this asphalt pumptrack is a blast to zip around. Pump, roll, and turn your way around this piece of art. Our Revel Tweedy rental dirt jump bikes are perfect for blasting around the pumptrack thanks to their compact wheelbase and 26-inch wheels.

Steven’s Pass Bike Park

Located just 40 minutes west of the shop, Steven’s Pass is a paradise for gravity fiends. Ride the chairlift, rip down the mountain, and repeat. This style of riding requires a burly and robust bicycle We recommend the Rocky Mountain Altitude for this sort of endeavor.

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Mountain Home Road

Gravel or e-bike riders can very easily access the stunning Mountain Home Road which runs between Leavenworth and Blewett Pass. This dirt road doesn’t see much traffic and offers stunning views of the Icicle and the Wenatchee Valley. A famous picnic table near the top is the perfect place for ambitious riders to have a snack and take in the views.

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Devil’s Gulch / Red Hill

Riders looking for an adventure can check out the Devil’s Gulch area in Cashmere. There are multiple loops and out-and-back rides in this area that has a truely remote and backwoods feel.

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Number 2 Canyon / Sage Hills

A great option in the mid-late fall when its getting chilly in Leavenworth. Number 2 Canyon and Sage Hills are located in Wenatchee which is approximately 40 minutes from the shop. These trails offer abundant sunshine this area is typically several degrees warmer than Leavenworth. Riders can find diverse terrain ranging from the rolling foothill trails at Sage Hills to more burly riding at Number 2 Canyon.

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There are a number of well-known “unsanctioned” trails in the area. We cannot promote these trails out of respect for the trail builders.