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The Smuggler is Transition’s 150mm travel burly trail, all-mountain bike. This 29er isn’t a full-blown enduro race bike but certainly has an aggressive attitude while retaining reasonable climbing efficiency. Shop owner Pat Donahue has chosen the Sentinel to be his daily driver for riding in Leavenworth and the greater PNW region.

Pat:  “The Smuggler is a sensible bike in many ways. It never feels all that out of place in any situation aside from full-day pedal-heavy rides. The aggressive geometry paired with 150mm of travel is capable enough to occasionally ride at the bike park while regularly tackling steep and gnarly trails. The handling is crisp and the ride is engaging enough to not feel boring or dull on mellower terrain.

I chose to build my Sentinel with a DVO Jade X coil shock and use a 160mm fork. I usually run light to mid-weight casing tires to retain reasonable rolling speed. Right now I am running a Specialized Hillbilly/Butcher combination in the GRID Trail compound. Our trails really aren’t all that rocky and I run higher tire pressures (28 PSI in rear)  to fend off pinch flats. If I am going to the bike park, I will install a burlier rear casing and use a Huck Norris insert.

The bike climbs well enough for how capable it is on the downhill. No, there is no mistaking this bike for a zippy  featherweight, but it has a comfortable climbing position and I make use of the climb switch on the rear shock regularly

We have three Transition Sentinels in our rental fleet here at Eastside Cycleworks. If you are looking for a bike to ride some of the tougher trails in the area, I can’t recommend these bikes enough. We have medium, large, and extra-large carbon GX Sentinels. Oh yeah, we will be selling these badass bicycles in October.

If you are simply looking to do some pedal-powered laps at Leavenworth Ski Hill or Number 2 Canyon, the Transition Smuggler is another wonderful choice. This 130mm travel 29er has a little more pep and agility compared to the Sentinel. It also offers a better climbing experience. We have this bike for rent in sizes small, medium, and large.”