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Fat bikes, also referred to as snow bikes or fat tire bikes, are mountain bikes designed for riding on snow. These bikes feature massive tires to help the bike tires deliver copious amounts of traction on snow and ice. This discipline of mountain biking is relatively new to the scene and has risen in popularity in the past 15 years. While this style of riding is most popular in the Midwest and Northeast, we just so happen to have some great fat bike riding in the upper Wenatchee Valley.

For this winter we will have seven rental fat bikes in sizes small through extra large.

We will have four Otso Arctodus fat bikes available. Otso is a small brand out of Minnesota who produces small batches of steel, carbon fiber, and titanium fat bikes. The Arctodus is a steel bike which provides a very comfortable and compliant ride when things get bumpy. This bike rolls on 26-inch wheels with meaty 4.8-inch rubber. We are really excited to ride this bike and evaluate the ride quality of the steel frame paired with the low tire pressures that become possible with such huge tires.

We will also have three Rocky Mountain Blizzard A20 bikes to rent. The Blizzard rolls on mammoth 27.5 x 4.5-inch tires that should roll quite fast and hold speed on choppy sections of trail. The light and durable aluminum frame is paired with a Shimano 12-speed drivetrain and hydraulic brakes.

All of our rental bikes can be reserved on our website. Using our web reservation system is very quick and easy. In addition, it makes for the most seamless pickup process and will get you out on the bike more quickly.

As always, we love to chat. We can provide trail recommendations and discuss the ideal conditions for fat biking in Leavenworth.