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We are giddy with excitement  to announce a last-minute addition to our winter operations!  Starting in mid-December we will be offering alpine ski and snowboard rentals.

We have partnered with Osprey Rafting and will be using their rental fleet to help new skiers get on the slopes for just $45/day ($40 for kids under 12).  Our goal is to provide a reasonably-priced rental option for new skiers.  Many of our customers will take our gear to the Leavenworth Ski Hill where they can dip their toes into the sport of skiing in a reasonably priced, manageable, and community-oriented environment. “Ski Hill”, as the locals call it, is a tremendous asset to Leavenworth as the existence of small, community-run, ski hills are increasingly rare theses days. This is a very family-friendly environment and there is a magic carpet for brand-new skiers and rope tows for slightly more advanced skiers.

Lessons are available at Leavenworth Ski Hill. This includes ski and snowboard lessons for people all of ages.

Our rental fleet will feature Head skis and snowboards with a huge range of sizes. Unlike our bike rentals, alpine ski and snowboard equipment cannot be reserved online. Mosey on into the shop and we will properly size your board, skis, or boots to ensure a comfortable fit without sacrificing performance.

Skiers are more than welcome to take our gear to Steven’s Pass or Mission Ridge. Multi-day rentals are available. Ski poles are included with our rentals although novice skiers will likely opt to ski without poles.

We encourage customers to call 509-470-6655 or email for more information as we want to be a helpful resource. We are happy to chat about your upcoming visit to Leavenworth and how you can work in some alpine skiing and snowboarding into your agenda. Our staff is knowledgeable about the gear and can provide excellent recommendations.